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Television programmes had a distinct flavour in the eighties - and are now the target of much classic TV nostalgia.  The number of 80s TV channels could be counted on one hand - but the programme content was abundant with so many TV favourites.  Now looking back from an age where you can download TV shows across high speed internet connections - the days of the bulky television with the rounded cornered screen are becoming a distant memory..

The eighties is now the focus of much nostalgia - particularly 80s Children's Programmes - as many of those that grew up in the 1980s are now reminiscing more and more.

The best TV shows of the 80s include some of the greatest television entertainment ever created.  From serious drama programmes such as Tenko and Hill Street Blues - to the nostalgia of comedy TV shows like Dear John and Who's The Boss.

Do you remember 80s favourites such as The A-Team or Airwolf?


Defenders of the Earth or Thundercats?  


Can you recall Buck Rogers in the 25th Century or Dallas?


80s TV had a certain tacky charm.  The special effects are now transparent to us - and some of the sets seemed to be made of cardboard.  Despite the imperfections, 1980s TV shows are now more popular than ever - with the advent of On Demand TV services via Sky or TiVo, and websites such as YouTube - it is now becoming easy to stream or download TV programmes of the past.

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